Discover our new Sticky Pads: The perfect, glue-free solution for Lash Volume Lifting

Are you looking for an effortless way to give the lashes a Lash Volume Lift? Our new Sticky Pads offer the perfect solution! These pads make the process easier and more effective than ever before. Here are all the details you need to know about our
revolutionary Sticky Pads.

Why are the Sticky Pads of PE Cosmetics so unique?

  • 1. No glue needed

  • 2. Innovative design

  • 3. Reusable design

  • 4. Ultra-soft and comfortable

  • 5. Time-saving

With our Sticky Pads, you no longer need Amazing Sealer or Nourishing Lifting Balm to attach the pads to the eyelid. This is because the Sticky Pads independently stick to the eyelids during treatment. It saves time, but also reduces the use of extra products on the skin.

The new shape of the pads, which taper closely to the inner corner of the eye, ensures that even the finest and shortest lashes are involved in the lifting process. This gives you an even and perfect result, regardless of lash type.

Our Sticky Pads are reusable, meaning you can use them multiple times without losing their effectiveness. This makes them not only cost-saving, but also environmentally friendly.

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The Sticky Pads are ultra-soft and feel comfortable on the skin, ensuring a pleasant experience
during treatment.

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As you do not need Amazing Sealer or Nourishing Lifting Balm and do not need to clean the eyelid afterwards, you save valuable time during each treatment.

Why are the Sticky Pads of PE Cosmetics so unique?

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Why are the Sticky Pads of PE Cosmetics so unique?


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