Eyelash, eyebrow and permanent make-up

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Eyelash, Eyebrow and Permanent Make-up


  • Products for professionals

    Complete product range for everything regarding eyelashes, eyebrows and permanent makeup.

  • Training locations in the Netherlands and Belgium

    9 locations with various training courses for everything regarding eyelashes, eyebrow styling and permanent makeup.

  • Global brand

    PE Cosmetics is our own brand represented in 30 countries. Over 12 years at the top with the most award-winning team and several times awarded as the best brand internationally. Discover our passion, mission and vision.

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  • Eyelash extensions

    Do you want to master the art of creating full and curled lashes without using a mascara? Then our eyelash extension trainings are the ideal choice for you. Shop products

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  • Lash Volume Lift

    Lifting, curling and creating extra volume with your natural lashes without the use of extensions? I'ts possible! This unique award winning method is a welcome treatment in every salon. Shop products

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  • Brow Lamination

    The well-known brow lift, straight from the catwalk, a new innovative technique for fuller, fluffy and perfectly shaped eyebrows. A must in your salon for trend followers. Shop products

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  • Browstyling

    Do you think that every customer is entitled to perfect eyebrows? Learn the different techniques to shape and model eyebrows. Brow mapping is the basis for all your eyebrow results. Discover our hybrid tinting and how to use the most effective eyebrow makeup. Shop products

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  • Brow Henna

    The use of henna for the eyebrows, from subtle to intense expression. Discover how to choose the best colors in combination with skin and hair type. Also in addition to your Browstyling. Shop products

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  • Permanent Makeup

    The demand for semi-permanent makeup is increasing in every salon. Powder Brows, Microblading and Lip Pigmentation are extremely popular. Do you have the guts to offer this expertise to your customers? Shop products

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Eyelash Extensions
Lash volume lift
Tools & Tape - Brow Lamination
Hybrid Tinting
Permanente Make-up
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PE Cosmetics

is an internationally distributed own brand in 30 countries of professional eyelash and eyebrow products, multiple studios and training academies in the Netherlands and Belgium and an award-winning team of trainers/stylists, we can proudly say that we strive for maximum quality in every area.

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