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(Lotion 1) Fast Setting Perming LvL Pump 5ml

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Lotion 1 is the Perming lotion for the Lash Volume Lifting treatment. This refers to the permanent liquid. The Pump falls under the Fast Setting system.

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The revolutionary Pump system makes our LVL, the only one in the world, an innovative system with numerous advantages: more hygienic, user-friendly and time-saving. One Pump can be used for about 10 customers.


- Working time: 5 - 8 minutes (measured according to hair type)
- Shelf life after opening: 2 - 3 months
- Shelf life unopened: 1 year
- Content: 5 ml

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    PE Cosmetics Lotions (Lotion 1) Fast Setting Perming LvL Pump 5ml