5 Tips for Retention during hot weather

Yeah it's going to be sunny warm weather again! ️️️ Very nice, of course, but sometimes it also brings some inconveniences as a lash stylist. Especially for you 5 TIPS to keep your retention on point during the warmer days.

1. Glue Box
The quality of adhesive can deteriorate due to influences such as light and oxygen. So always store your adhesive in a Glue Box.

2. Hygrometer
Does your glue match the humidity of your salon? You can never go wrong with a Hygrometer. Click here for an overview of adhesives with the % humidity.

3. Speed ​​Lash Accelerator
The Speed ​​Lash Accelerator ensures that the adhesive hardens within 6 hours, you apply the product to the eyelash strip before placing the eyelashes.

4. Maximize Bond
With the Maximise Bond you ensure that the glue hardens immediately, ideal in the summer when customers use sunscreen and want to cool off in the water.

5.Nano Mister
The mist of the Nano Mister stimulates the curing process and has a cooling effect on any irritation at the customer.

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