The role of Plastic Film in the Lash Volume Lift treatment

To perform a Lash Volume Lift treatment, it is important to use the products under the right circumstances. This will give you the best result. In the autumn, temperatures drop and the fluids of LVL will have difficulty 'scalding' properly. We use the Plastic Film to create a heating effect. In this blog we explain the use of the Plastic Film to you with the necessary tips.

Why is heat so important?
When we perform a Lash Volume Lift treatment, we work with three different lotions; perming lotion (1), Fixing Lotion (2) and Keratin Filler (3). Each lotion has its own function and its own ideal working conditions. With the use of lotion 1, the permanent liquid, the sulfur bridges will soften / break, this will transform the curl in the eyelash. It is important for lotion 1 that it is used at slightly warmer temperatures. So that the permanent liquid can do its job properly. Lotion 2, the fixation fluid, ensures that the sulfur bridges are reconnected and that the curl is maintained. You can also create an extra heating effect for this lotion during the colder days. It is very important for both Lash Volume Lift Lotion 1 and 2 that they are used under the best conditions, sometimes you need a little help with that.

How do you create more heat?
By placing Plastic Film over the eyes with the lamp above, you create a kind of greenhouse effect. This allows the curl to come out even better during the colder days. The function of Plastic Film, a kind of cling film, is that you retain more heat under the film because you close the eyelashes, as it were. This allows the lotion to do its job better with the oxygen present in the enclosed space.

How do you use the Plastic Film?
The Plastic Film of PE Cosmetics has a handy cutting surface with which you can easily cut off your required piece of Plastic Film. You place the Plastic Film over the eyes during the exposure time of both lotion 1, perming dose, and lotion 2, fixing dose. You put the Plastic Film over the eyebrows, eyes and up to the cheeks. And you also press the Plastic Film well past the right eye and the left eye. For both lotions you use a clean piece of foil, so that the lotions do not come into contact with each other.

Plastic Film and the Brow Lamination
We also use the Plastic Film for the Brow Lamination treatment. We perform the Brow Lamination with our Lash Volume Lifting products. We already use the strongest lotion, the Fast Setting system, with the Sachets. To ensure a good result, we put the Plastic Film over the eyebrows. So that the lotion is extra stimulated to achieve the desired lifted result with the eyebrow hairs. And the Plastic Film also ensures that the eyebrow hairs are kept in the desired, correct direction.

For example, a 'piece of plastic' can come in very handy. We hope that with these necessary tips you will also achieve just as beautiful Lash Volume Lift and / or Brow Lift results in the fall as in the spring and summer. In addition to this, it is extremely important not to use any tissue, Plastic Film or lamp at high temperatures, such as in the summer. You don't need any extra attributes, because the temperature is already high enough for the products to do their job.