Henna Brow Tips You Can't Miss!

Ooh La La… Who also swoons over a nice pair of Henna Brows? As an eyebrow stylist you always strive for perfection, and with these 3 Henna Brow tips you will certainly go a long way!

  1. Good Brows starts with a Good Mapping. Yes, to create some amazing eyebrows your mapping game needs to be on point. See a quick map summary here or see a full tutorial here .
  2. Use the Brow Paste, this is a white paste that you apply around the mapping. This way you can clearly see the contours of the eyebrow shape and prevent the Henna from leaking out. This makes the result even tighter, and we want that! Watch here how the Brow Paste applies.
  3. Stamping is Key! It is important to apply the Henna Paste with a stamping movement. Also make sure that the Henna remains moist, so always apply the Henna to the eyebrows in between, this prevents stains and the result will be more intense. See what the stamping looks like here .

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