The effect of cold weather on eyelashes and skin

The cold weather outside, and the heat inside, affect the hair, eyelashes and skin. Because of this, there is a chance that your client may suffer from irritated eyes after undergoing an eyelash treatment. How does this occur and what can you do about it? Before the treatment, it is common to clean the eyelashes and skin around the eyes. Tape and lotions are also used during the treatment. Because of this, the skin may be more sensitive. Combined with the cold days, the skin may be more likely to become red and chapped after a treatment, and the eyelids may swell. This is partly because your skin is a lot more sensitive during cold days. It is warm inside, while it is often very cold outside.

When a customer contacts you to schedule an appointment. Are there two situations in which you can give advice:

Is your client in a hormonal period? It is wiser to schedule the treatment before or after. This is because she may react more sensitively due to the hormones, and the chance of a possible reaction is greater. For the client it is wise to avoid the cold and wind as much as possible after the treatment. Is the client coming by bicycle or scooter? Advise them to wear glasses. But the harsh cold wind is a no go after treatment. Especially if your client also wears contact lenses.

Tips for you, the stylist, to perform immediately after treatment:

  • With an LVL treatment, you must apply keratin filler to the lashes afterwards for care. Because of the permanent liquid, the eyelashes can dry out more than normal in the winter. With the keratin filler you give them the extra moisture they need, this should be at least 24 hours to withdraw.

  • after the application of the lotions, during a LVL-treatment, jede skin dry with a cotton swab or tissue. You can apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera cream to the eye area where tape or liquid has been applied.

If your client does suffer a reaction, you can share the following tips:

  • Dab a chamomile tea bag on the skin. Note, dip the bag in boiled water first and then let it cool for a while.

  • Take an allergy pill, such as hay fever cetirizine.

  • Apply eczema ointment to red and chapped skin.

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