Hybrid Brow & Lash Tint

This product line could not be missing from our range. The perfect eyebrow and eyelash tint is indispensable for every Lash / Brow artist and beauty specialist. We have done extensive research over the past two years to develop this complete line and then launch it in 6 different colours.

We would like to inform you as well as possible about the use of the PE Cosmetics professional Hybrid Brow & Lash tinting line. We have listed the most important facts and most frequently asked questions for you.

Is it a normal eyebrow and eyelash tint or just Henna?
The PE Cosmetics Brow & Lash tinting is a hybrid paint, which means that it is in between normal tint (Refectocil) and Henna.

So what makes this hybrid tint so unique?
Additional ingredients have been added to this Brow & Lash tinting, including: henna extracts, Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

The Green Tea and Aloe Vera have a soothing and caring effect on the skin. The henna extracts are added because it contains phenols that help stimulate hair follicle growth. It also contains proteins, antioxidants and Vitamin E, which repair hair damage.

In addition, it is 100% skin-friendly and not tested on animals. The PE Cosmetics Developer contains 4% peroxide and this is 1% more than with the Refectocil Oxidant, which immediately creates a more intense effect.

How long is the result visible?
Due to the addition of the henna extracts, the tint also grabs the skin as with the Henna Brows. The result remains visible on the skin for 3 to 4 days and on the hair for 4 to 5 weeks.

What is the method?
The tinting should be mixed with the PE Cosmetics Developer. The mixing ratio is 1:1, for example 1 cm Tint and 1 cm Developer. Use the PE Cosmetics Mixing Bowl for mixing. We recommend using our renewed small angled brush (black) for applying the tint. The tint will first appear white in color, as the exposure time elapses, the color will become darker.

Would you like to see a video? Watch our tutorial on how to paint the eyebrows here or click here for the video how to paint the eyelashes in combination with a Lash Volume Lift treatment.

How do you best know which color to use?
A big advantage is that the tinting line contains 6 different colors!

The colors can be mixed with each other to create the perfect color for your customer.

  • For example, to dye the eyebrows of a customer with a red hair color, choose Medium Brown (75%) + Chestnut (25%).
  • For dyeing the eyelashes with an intense look, choose Blue Black (50%) + Black (50%).
Can the tint also be used for LVL or Brow Lamination?

For the treatments of Lash Volume Lift and Brow Lamination you can certainly use the PE Cosmetics Brow & Lash Tint!

Pay attention to the processing times of the tint, because the hair scales are opened by the LVL lotions, the color of the tint becomes intense faster. With a Lash Volume Lift, 6 minutes of exposure time for the tint is sufficient, and with a Brow Lamination, check the color of the tint after 2 – 3 minutes.

Do you have an allergic reaction more quickly?
Despite the fact that the percentage of PPD in the tint is 1.8% and only 0.9% after mixing with the Developer, the PE Cosmetics Brow & Lash Tint should never be used on someone with a PPD allergy. Also, an allergic reaction can never be completely ruled out. For example, after undergoing frequent treatment, a contact allergy can build up. If the customer is undergoing the treatment for the first time, discuss the intake form together in advance and possibly do a patch test prior to the appointment.

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