Why Autumn is the best season for (S)PMU

The leaves are falling from the trees, the mornings are darker and it's getting colder. The holidays are almost around the corner. The perfect time for a Semi permanent makeup (S)PMU) treatment.

What is (S)PMU?

Semi permanent makeup often abbreviated as (S)PMU is a cosmetic technique where pigments are inserted into the epidermis with a special (S)PMU device or by hand through small needles formed in a blade. Semi Permanent make-up is aimed at the subtle and natural imitation of everyday make-up.

What are the benefits?

  • Result stays beautiful for a long time and can be kept up each time.
  • Waterproof, (S)PMU is convenient during an autumn rain.
  • Convenience and time saving morning and evening.
  • Always the perfect look, your makeup always looks beautiful and professionally applied and ideal for the holidays.

Why exactly do (S)PMU putting in the autumn?

After a (S)PMU treatment, the skin still needs to heal and it is advised not to sit in the sun. Because of the UV radiation the cell division goes faster and pigment breaks down faster. Therefore, autumn is the time to apply (S)PMU to your clients. Is the treatment scheduled for the beginning of October? Then your client is also ready for the holidays including touch-up! (You usually need to come back within 6-8 weeks for the Touch-up, this varies per treatment.)

A tip to start now to promote (S)PMU on your social media. Also handy to include this information briefly so your clients are fully informed.

Do you not yet offer (S)PMU?

But are you interested in the (S)PMU treatments? Then take a look at our (S)PMU trainings; Ombré Powder Brows, Lip Pigmentation or Microblading. For additional information or advice you can always contact our training helpdesk: training@pe-cosmetics.com.