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Allround Lash & Brow Artist

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Is it your dream to start a successful career as a Lash & Brow Artist? Then choose the extra affordable All-round Lash & Brow Artist training package!

Over the years we have noticed that many of our students follow several training courses with us one after the other . After all, the eyelash and eyebrow profession is extremely addictive! Once you start you often won't want to stop! This industry is also still on the rise, with the right training and dedication you can start a successful career for yourself.

All this motivated us to offer an extra affordable training package with all the essential training to help you start successfully as an eyelash and eyebrow stylist.

Practical information

The Allround Lash & Brow Artist package includes no less than four complete training courses , namely:

  • One by One training including complete starter kit
  • Lash Volume Lifting training including complete starter kit
  • All-round Browstyling training (Browstyling + Brow Henna) including 2 complete starter kits
  • Brow Lamination training including complete starter kit

The only condition is that you follow all training sessions at the same location , because we think it is important that you are always guided by the same trainer(s). It is also important that you follow the four training courses within 3 months after the registration date.

  • Interesting and educational for any stylist, regardless of experience level
  • You will be trained in a group with a maximum of 3 people
  • The price includes the use of PE Cosmetics products during the training
  • Choose your favorite location for the training when booking
  • An official certificate for the training followed is presented after the relevant training
  • Come back free of charge within 6 months after the training date for questions or extra support
  • It is not possible to purchase or rebook the Allround Lash & Brow Artist package if separate training courses that are part of the package have already been booked and/or followed.

You can find and schedule the dates yourself on our website, which gives you the ultimate freedom of choice. Can't find a solution with the available data? Our customer service will find a suitable date for you!

View the relevant times per training on the following pages under the heading 'time schedule'
One by One
Lash Volume Lift
All-round Browstyling
Brow Lamination

Content starter kit

View the relevant starter kits per training on the following pages under the heading 'starter kit'

Model info

View the relevant model information per training on the following pages under the heading 'models info'

As a service, PE Cosmetics can arrange the models for your training. The request for this must be submitted at least 7 working days before the start of the training by e-mail to We cannot guarantee that arranging a model will succeed, we will let you know in good time. You still have to arrange a model yourself.

Training locations
    Payment option:
    Allround Lash & Brow Artist
    • Practice and Theory

      You receive theoretical knowledge about the treatments and associated products. During the practice you practice on real models.

    • Small group training

      Our training courses are in small groups, which means that you receive a lot of personal attention and guidance.

    • Recognized & certified training

      PE Cosmetics is a recognized training company and works according to European standards plus GGD regulations.

    • Awards

      In the year 2021 and 2022 we received the honorable award as the best Lash & Brow brand worldwide.

    Our trainers

    Our trainers are all employed by PE Cosmetics. Nationally and internationally trained, each with his / her specialties. They regularly win several prizes during international competitions. This resulted in 50 international awards in the year 2018 alone.

    Training locations

    Our training locations in the Netherlands and Belgium are fully equipped with all materials and supplies to be able to follow a training in small groups with a lot of personal attention that prepares you to get started in practice as a Lash & Brow or PMU artist. You can follow our training courses in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    RETURN FREE OF CHARGE within 6 months for questions or additional support

    Frequently asked Questions

    How does signing up for this package work?

    • As soon as your registration for the package has been completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with 4 codes.
    • The Browstyling and Brow Henna training are booked together as Allround Browstyling.
    • You then need to register each training with those codes via the online agenda.
    • Each code must be used specifically for that training, after which it is stated. The codes are all valid once.

    You must have followed the training courses within 3 months of the registration date.

    And you have to follow the training courses at one location.


    PE Cosmetics is a recognized training company that works according to European standards and GGD regulations. The certificate you receive, after correct and complete completion of theory and practice, is a recognized certificate of participation in the training at PE Cosmetics.

    Cancellation Policy

    If the course is canceled by the student, the following cancellation policy applies:

    1. Cancellation takes place by registered letter by e-mail to .

    2. The training can be canceled free of charge up to 30 days in advance. A training can be moved free of charge up to a maximum of 14 days before the start of the course date. Did you book your training in a shorter term than the above? Then it is no longer possible to cancel and/or move free of charge. 40% of the tuition fee will be charged.

    3. Deposits are not returned.


    When booking this course, two payment options are available:

    • Pay the entire amount when paying the registration.
    • A deposit of 50 euros; the remaining amount can be paid in advance of the training via an online payment link or in cash at the start of the training on location.
    • Pay in two installments. You pay the first installment upon registration. And you must pay the remaining amount at the latest at the last planned training within the set term.

    Training costs reimbursed

    Does your employer provide a budget for following a course? The training can be requested from us on invoice.

    Send an email to and include the following information:

    • desired training, location and date
    • invoice data

    We will then contact you as soon as possible.


    Do you want to take out insurance?
    PE Cosmetics has a partnership with Beauty Salon Verzekeringen. Your obtained certificate at PE Cosmetics is sufficient to be able to take out Business Liability insurance.

    Why choose Beauty Salon Verzekeringen?

    • Your PE Cosmetics certificate has been fully coordinated by Beauty Salon Verzekeringen with the insurer.
    • Your contact person within Beauty Salon Insurance is a specialist in the industry.
    • You will always receive tailor-made advice.
    • Thanks to close cooperation with PE Cosmetics, Beauty Salon Verzekeringen is always aware of new developments.
    • There is fast and personal contact, and there are no long waiting times and direct dial numbers.
    • It is the only insurance company where you can insure yourself without a beautician diploma for PMU (permanent make-up), unique and only possible with a PE Cosmetics (S)PMU certificate!

    For more information, visit