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BIAB is an abbreviation of 'Builder In A Bottle'; construction (gel) in a bottle. A firming, building gel for natural nails. With the BIAB you can strengthen but also extend. The BIAB nail feels very natural, but is very strong and flexible. This allows you to enjoy your BIAB nails for a long time without breaking them quickly.

  • BIAB on your own nails (60 min) € 59.95
  • BIAB incl. gel polish (75 min) € 69.95
  • BIAB incl. removal of old BIAB (75 min) € 59.95
  • Remove BIAB without new BIAB treatment incl. mini manicure (30min) € 29.95
  • Simple nail art (15 min) can be booked extra with BIAB treatment € 15,-
The treatment

Before the treatment starts, your wishes will be discussed and the stylist will explain the options, taking into account your wishes.

With this treatment, a manicure is first performed to make the nails neat. This means that the nails are filed into shape and the cuticles are made neat. The Biab is then applied to the nails and cured under the UV lamp. Biab strengthens the nails and therefore ensures that the nails break off less quickly. This also allows the nails to grow better. A Topcoat is then applied over the Biab. Finally, the cuticles are cared for by means of a cuticle oil. We recommend coming back for treatment every 3-4 weeks.


We recommend that you take care of your nails with a nail oil after a nail treatment.

The Nail & Cuticle Oil is a super nourishing cuticle oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin. The oil protects, nourishes and strengthens the skin around the nails.

Apply the oil to the cuticles and nails and massage it in well. You can apply this several times a day.

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Frequently asked Questions

What does a BIAB treatment entail?

You know gel polish, you know gel nails, but both are just not for you!? BIAB is firmer than gel polish, but more flexible than gel nails. It is firm and feels thicker. You steal the show with these nails. Besides the fact that your nails shine so beautifully, the color will stay very nicely and will not discolour. The reinforcement that will be applied remains effectively in place and can be filled if necessary. The BIAB stays perfectly in place for about 3-4 weeks.

Who is the BIAB treatment suitable for?

The treatment is suitable for everyone! Also for those who have very short thin flexible nails that need extra reinforcement. This treatment is therefore also very suitable for nail biters. You can't just remove the BIAB nails, so the nails have time to grow and you learn to get rid of nail biting.