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Brow styling / Hybrid Brows

It is undeniable; eyes and eyebrows largely determine your phrase and expression. The way eyebrows are shaped and tinted can completely change someone's expression. During this treatment, your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and tinted as desired with a hybrid tint adjusted to your personal wishes. A finishing touch with our eyebrow makeup ensures that your eyebrows are "always on fleek"!



  • Eyebrow epilating or waxing € 21,50
  • Eyebrow tinting (Hybrid) € 22,50
  • Eyebrow tinting (Hybrid) and epilating/waxing € 34,50

Eyebrows + eyelashes

  • Eyebrow epilating/waxing, and eyelashes + eyebrow tinting (Hybrid) €39.50
  • Eyebrows + eyelash tinting (Hybrid) € 27.50


  • Waxing upper lip € 15,-
  • Waxing chin € 15,-
  • Armpit waxing (30 min) € 20,-
  • Full face waxing (45 min) € 35,-
The treatment

Before the treatment starts, your wishes will be discussed and the stylist will explain the options, taking into account your wishes and the shape of your face.

First your eyebrows are cleaned and then your eyebrows are perfectly shaped (shape). Either by epilation and/or waxing. If desired, we tint your eyebrows with our hybrid tint. All this with the aim that you step out the door with perfect eyebrows!

A Browstyling treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes.


Our eyebrows can use some extra care from time to time.

The PE Cosmetics Brow Oil stimulates hair growth in a completely natural way.

Contains, among other things, castor oil and Vitamin E. Apply 2-3 drops to clean eyebrows. Massage into and around the eyebrows in a circular motion.

  • The finishing touch for every eyebrow is often achieved through a suitable eyebrow make-up. To refine, create extra volume and to apply the right highlights.

Available in the salon:

  • Brow Oil
  • Brow Clear Gel
  • Brow Pencil (2 colors)
  • Brow Highlighter (2 colors)
  • Duo Brow Powder (3 colors)
  • Brow Pommade (5 colors)
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Brow styling / Hybrid Brows
Brow styling / Hybrid Brows

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Frequently asked questions

When is Browstyling not suitable for you?

If you have one of the following conditions, treatment is not recommended:

  • Wounds, abrasions or ulcers in the treatment area.
  • Infections or skin conditions such as dermatitis or inflamed skin (types of skin inflammation) or psoriasis.
  • Swelling around the treatment area or cold sores.
  • Hypersensitive or sunburnt skin.
  • Skin treatments, such as microdermabrasion or a botox treatment within the past seven days.
  • Clients with alopecia (spot baldness).
  • Clients with trichotillomania, a disorder in which you compulsively pull out hair, including eyebrow and eyelash hair.
  • Recent hair loss: if this is the case, get a doctor's advice first.
  • While undergoing chemotherapy, it is allowed as soon as the chemotherapy is over.

We do not recommend treatment during pregnancy. If an allergic reaction occurs, the doctor may not be able to prescribe certain medications.

What is the difference between Hybrid Brows and Henna Brows?

Hybrid tint stays on the skin for about 3 - 4 days and on the hairs for up to 4 - 5 weeks. Brow Henna stays on the skin for about 5 - 10 days and on the hairs for up to 6 weeks.

Hybrid tint is in between normal paint and Henna.

What are Hybrid Brows?

When tinting during the Browstyling treatment, we use our, PE Cosmetics, Hybrid tint. This line consists of different colors in order to be able to offer the desired result for every customer.

Hybrid tint is between normal tint, for example Refectocil, and Henna. Due to the addition of the henna extracts, the Hybrid tint also takes hold on the skin, as with the Henna Brows treatment.

How long will the treatment take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the type of Browstyling you want. Only epilation and/or waxing the eyebrows takes 15 minutes. Shaping with tint (Hybrid Brows) the treatment takes about 30 minutes.