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PE Cosmetics

Ring Light (LED)

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The PE Cosmetics Ring Light is the best light on the market for beauticians, bloggers, YouTubers and photographers to take perfect pictures. The light will be evenly distributed over the model's face, the lighting will make the skin flawless, it will balance shadows and create professional and beautiful photos. It also produces the "circle" reflection in the eye, making the eyes and lashes stand out.

Additional description

- LightType; LED SMD
- Diameter; 18 inches
- Wattage; 55W
- The Number of Chips; 240 Pcs
- Color Temp; 5500K
- Voltage; 100V-240V
- Luminous Flux; 4500LM
- Color Reasoning Index; >85/90RA
Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase


Package contents:
- 18 Inch Ring Light
- White Filter (4 pieces)
- Orange Filter (4 pieces)
- Phone and camera holder
- Stand/tripod
- Carrier bag

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    Ring Light (LED)