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PE Cosmetics

Starterkit PMU Brow excl. Machine

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A well-stocked starterkit for Powder Brows from PE Cosmetics, if you order this you have all the basic products in one purchase to start the treatment.
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The PMU Device is not included with the purchase of this starterkit.


The Starter Kit contains the following products:
3x PMU Pigments (different tins)
15x cartridges
1x PMU Practice Skin
1x Pigment Holder Stainless Steel
1x Sterilized Ink Cups (15 pieces)
1x PMU Marker
1x Eyebrow scissors
1x Disposable Eyebrow Tape Measure Stickers (50 pieces)
1x Eyelash Brushes (20 pieces)
1x Pre Drawing Pencil

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    Starterkit PMU Brow excl. Machine