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Ergoline Sunbed

PE Cosmetics presents the Perfect Tan for him & her. Pure luxury, the best result, and the latest technology. A high-level sun experience with the Ergoline Prestige 1600 & Ergoline Prestige LightVision, unique in Harderwijk and the surrounding area. At PE Cosmetics Harderwijk you can choose from two Ergoline tanning beds. It is possible to easily adjust our tanning beds to your personal preference.


Ergoline Type 1600

  • Up to 20 minutes € 13.50
    per additional minute € 1,-
  • 10 ride ticket for € 120,-

Ergoline Light Vision

  • Up to 20 minutes € 14.50
    per additional minute € 1,-
  • 10 ride ticket for € 130,-
The treatment

When you visit our Salon for the first time, we ask you to complete a skin analysis form. Based on the information you entered and a short intake interview, our employees advise which tanning bed is most suitable for your skin type.

You can also contact us for advice regarding sun cosmetics. We work with the following care products: Devoted Creations, Australian Gold & Pure Sun.

Our PE Cosmetics employees are in possession of a Tanning Skincare certificate.


Ask our employees for the most suitable after sun for after your treatment to enjoy the results achieved for an extra long time.

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Ergoline Sunbed

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between the Ergoline 1600 and the Lightvision?

The Ergoline 1600 contains a combination of UV and red light and enables a particularly beautiful and deep tan with simultaneous skin care.

Light Vision
The Ergoline Light Vision stands for an intensive tanning result with skin-caring Beauty Light Complete. This tanning bed contains more than 200 Beauty Light LEDs, which care for the skin and improve the tanning results due to the increased oxygen production.

Do I have to use sunscreen under the tanning bed?

It is not recommended to sunbathe under a sunbed with SPF protection. SPF protection is intended to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun and if your skin is exposed to it for much longer. Artificial UV rays are used under a sunbed and the sun time is a maximum of 20 minutes. The sunbed can be set in 3 different strengths depending on the skin type so that everyone can enjoy the maximum sun minutes.

How many minutes is the advice for the first time and what intensity?

This differs per skin type. A skin analysis can be made at our salon, so that the best advice can be given about the length and intensity of the tanning session.

Is a bronzer necessary for a result?

It is not mandatory and not directly necessary for a result, it only enhances the process to get a nice even brown color.

The benefits of using a bronzer:

  • Pigment in the skin reacts to the UV lamps after 3 minutes, without tanning accelerator only after 8 minutes, so that you get more out of your tanning session.
  • The bronzing cream is based on aloe vera which hydrates the skin and prevents dehydration.
  • The skin continues to tan for a few hours after the sun session.
  • Tan accelerators with cosmetic bronzers immediately give the skin a brown complexion, which remains on the skin until the next shower.
  • The brown color is retained longer.
  • There are brown accelerators that prevent allspice spots and freckles and have a tattoo protector.

Can I also rub my face with a bronzer?

Of course! The ingredients are also suitable for properly hydrating the skin on your face.

Do you have to make a reservation for the tanning bed?

You can always come by and walk in. We often have space under the sunbed. But keep in mind that reservations are taken, and some times are busier than others. For example, there may not always be room immediately and you may have to wait a while until a sunbed is available.

Can you use the sunbed when you are pregnant?

If you like to go under the sunbed (during your pregnancy), do so in moderation and apply a good amount of sunscreen. Do not use the sunbed for more than 15 minutes and place a towel over your stomach. Your skin is now more tense, thinner and therefore more sensitive to UV radiation. This makes your skin burn faster.