Set Moosavi

Owner and founder

"My biggest dream has always been to do something I really love. In addition, I wanted to be the best at what I do. So I started my eyelash business because eyelashes were my biggest obsession. To become even more professional and grow my expertise, I was in contact with many stylists outside the Netherlands to learn, observe and gain experience. Everything I built up in the first two years, I invented myself. This way I was always able to give the best results. My goal is to be and remain the most innovative player within this industry.""Together with my PE Cosmetics team, I always want to be prepared for the future. As your business grows you need more people to achieve your mission. Many companies take the easy way out and hire freelancers to help them do that. In my experience, team members who also have their own business will never be 100% committed to others. For this reason, I decided to open my own studios and train all the stylists myself. To this day, I am fortunate to have 50 highly motivated team members. They are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best quality and share the most creative ideas to take PE Cosmetics to a new level worldwide. "

Much love, Set

Our Company

We are the fastest growing company in our industry. With an internationally distributed own brand in 30 countries of professional eyelash and eyebrow products, multiple studios and training academies worldwide and an award-winning team of trainers/stylists, we can proudly state that we strive for maximum quality in every area.

Our Products

As a total supplier, we are always looking for the latest innovations and ways to perform even better. On a regular basis, we test, develop and create new products to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our trainers/stylists and their clients.

Onur mission

Set Moosavi has always had an obsession with eyelashes and wanted to create the best and most beautiful results time after time. This passion turned into the clear goal to be the best and the biggest in the Netherlands. The urge to keep reinventing themselves got bigger and bigger. Product development, opening studios and setting up training programs remained inseparable from her drive.

Onze visie

De slogan “Ogen zeggen meer dan 1000 woorden” werd haar motto en door haar ervaring weet ze precies wat zowel de stylist als de klant wil. Om het meest innovatieve merk op dit gebied te blijven, moeten we altijd voorbereid zijn op de toekomst. Deze branche is binnen 10 jaar gestegen naar de 3e positie in de beautybranche. PE Cosmetics blijft groeien, hoe groter we worden, hoe meer mensen we nodig hebben om onze missie te verzilveren.

Our Team

We invest a lot in our team and give them the opportunity to attend various international lash battles. Therefore, we are also proud to say that we have the most awarded stylists and trainers team worldwide. We do this to ensure that we always stay on top. Because if we are not the best, how can we ever develop the best products? And if we're not the best, how can we train others and share our knowledge?

That's why we invest in people who invest in us.