• Practice and Theory

    You will receive theoretical knowledge about the treatments and accompanying products. During practice you will practice on real models.

  • Small-group training

    Our training sessions are in small groups which means that one receives a lot of personal attention and guidance.

  • Accredited & Certified training

    PE Cosmetics is an certified training company and works according to European standards plus GGD regulations.

  • Awards

    In the year 2021 and 2022, we were allowed to receive the honorable distinction as the best Lash & Brow brand worldwide.

Lash Trainings

  • Training Training One by One - Wolvertem (B)

    One by one

    The One by One technique is a treatment that involves placing one extension on one natural eyelash hair. This allows us to lengthen the lashes, add extra curl and volume while keeping the lashes looking natural. More info

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    Volume 2D - 6D

    Are you already experienced with the One by One technique and want to create even more volume? Then the Volume 2D-6D training is the perfect next step for you! This specialized technique involves creating a handmade fan. More info

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  • Training Training Lash Volume Lift - Amsterdam

    Lash volume lift

    The Lash Volume Lift treatment of PE Cosmetics has won a Dutch Beauty Award 2021. Do you also want to be able to give this treatment in your salon? Do not wait any longer and follow our training. More info

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Brow Trainings

  • perfect-eyelash-hq.myshopify.com image

    Airbrush Brow (NEW)

    The trend of 2024!

    Airbrush Brows, you hear it more and more, new and upcoming in 2024 and as one of the first in the Netherlands you can come to us for both the products and the training! More info

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    Brow Henna

    During the Brow Henna training you will learn all about the effects of Henna and determining the perfect color for each skin and hair type. You'll discover how to create brows in both a subtle and effective way. Then a finishing touch through brow makeup. More info

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  • Training Training Allround Browstyling - Antwerpen (B)


    During Browstyling training you will learn eyebrow measurement, different techniques for shaping and modeling eyebrows. Tinting eyebrows with a hybrid product will also be covered. More info

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    Allround browstyling

    Do you want to learn how to create the perfect eyebrows? Then we have the ultimate training for you! During the Allround Browstyling training you will learn different techniques including Henna Brows. More info

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    Brow lamination

    Brow Lamination, also known as the Brow Lift, is a new and innovative technique for fuller, perfectly shaped and tightly aligned eyebrows. A lasting trend straight from the catwalk. More info

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    Allround Brow lamination

    This is a combined training consisting of Brow Styling and Brow Lamination. First, you'll learn eyebrow shaping, painting and modeling (Brow Styling). Then you will learn all about Brow Lamination, also known as the Brow Lift. More info

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  • Training Training 240 Airbrush Brow - Training

    Eyelash & eyebrow artist training package

    Is it your dream to start a successful career as a Lash & Brow Artist? Then choose the extra affordable All-round Lash & Brow Artist Training Package!

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PMU Trainings

  • Training Training Ombre Powder Brows - Amsterdam

    Ombré powder brows

    With Powder Brows, eyebrows are completely shaded in. Pigment is applied in a subtle way, making it look as if you have colored in your eyebrows with powder. More info

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    A semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. In the process, the sterile, ultra-thin needles penetrate the top layer of the skin and apply natural pigments. This creates full eyebrows. An indispensable new technique for every beauty professional! More info

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    Apply various effects to the lips with this semi-permanent makeup. Even color effects, contour highlighting where we look closely at the natural shade of your own lips. More info

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Voted Best Lash & Brow brand worldwide 2021 & 2022

Our trainers

Our trainers are all employed by PE Cosmetics. Nationally and internationally trained with each his/her specialties. During international competitions, they regularly win multiple awards. This resulted in 50 international awards in the year 2018 alone.

Training locations

Our training locations in the Netherlands and Belgium are fully equipped with all materials and supplies to follow a training in small groups with a lot of personal attention that prepares you to work in practice as a Lash & Brow, or PMU-artist. You can follow our trainings in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Training costs reimbursed?

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  • Contact

    Would you like to retrain to become a certified specialist in the beauty industry? Possibly your employer has a training budget available for this, for example as a result of a reorganization. Leave your email and phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or contact us directly by phone via +31 341 764 066.