Beauty Salon Insurance
It is now possible with your obtained certificate, at PE Cosmetics, to take out an appropriate insurance for your profession at Beauty Salon Insurances. PE Cosmetics has started a partnership with Beauty Salon Insurances. Besides offering our trainings and web shop, we also want to give you the best advice on insurance. We hereby explain why Perfect Eyelash has entered into this cooperation and why it is important to take out an insurance policy.

Why is it important to have insurance?
Building your salon will have been done with all the love, sweat and tears. It would be very annoying if nothing is arranged, if something happens within your salon or if something happens to you or your clients. That is why it is important to get the right insurance for your profession. So that everything is well taken care of, should something unexpected happen.

After all, an accident is in a small corner, our work involves operations on the client's body and something could just happen that results in your client suffering property damage or, more likely, personal injury. This can have quite serious consequences, and because you are engaged in professional practice, you will be liable if you are to blame. Not only can your client hold you liable, but her health insurance company can also recover all incurred costs from you.

Beauty Salon Insurance
Beauty Salon Insurance is a special branch of Vorster Insurances that specializes in the beauty industry. Besides having the necessary knowledge of insurances they are professionally fully aware of everything that is going on in the beauty industry, including treatments. They have entered into a unique partnership with Perfect Eyelash, allowing you as a student with a PE Cosmetics certificate to take out insurance with Beauty Salon Insurance.

What types of insurance can be purchased from Beauty Salon Insurance?
The following PE Cosmetics certificates are sufficient to be able to take out Business Liability Insurance:

Lash Extensions One by One and Volume 2D - 6D
Lash Volume Lifting
All-round Brow Styling
Brow Henna
Brow Lamination
Microblading (and a hygiene certificate from the GGD)
Ombré Powder Brows (and a hygiene certificate from the GGD)
Lip Pigmentation (and a hygiene certificate from the GGD)

Why choose Beauty Salon Insurance?

Your certificate from PE Cosmetics is fully coordinated with the insurer by Beauty Salon Insurance.
Your contact person within Beauty Salon Insurances is a specialist in the industry.
You will always receive tailored advice.
Through close cooperation with PE Cosmetics, Beauty Salon Verzekeringen is always aware of new developments.
There is fast and personal contact, and there are no long waiting times or direct dial numbers.
It is the only insurance company where you can insure yourself for PMU (permanent make-up) without a beautician's diploma, unique and only possible with a PE Cosmetics PMU certificate!

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