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Lash Volume Lift - Training

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Includes starter kit worth €139.00 (prices do not include VAT)

The Lash Volume Lift treatment of PE Cosmetics has won a Dutch Beauty Award 2021. Do not wait any longer and follow the Lash Volume Lift training at PE Cosmetics so you can also give this award winning treatment in your salon. During the Lash Volume Lift training you will learn all about this unique method to elevator, curl and add volume to natural lashes. You will learn the theory and perform the practice on your model.
practical information
  • Interesting and informative for any stylist, regardless of experience level
  • Training of 4 hours
  • You will be trained in a group with up to 4 people
  • The price includes the use of PE Cosmetics products during the training
  • Choose your favorite location for the training when booking
  • An official certificate will be issued at the end of the training
  • Come back within 6 months for questions or additional support free of charge

Welcome & coffee/tea. (30 minutes)

Information on products, natural eyelashes, the different silicone pads, application times and aftercare. Includes explanation of the Starter Kit. (1.5 hours)

Practice section
Practicing on a model, with the trainer demonstrating actions and watching intensively with you. Includes free training in dyeing eyelashes with our Hybrid tint! (1.5 hours)

Presentation of an official certificate with the opportunity to purchase additional products.(30 minutes)

Contents Starterkit
  • Make-Up Remover
  • (Lotion 1) Perming Dose Bottle
  • (Lotion 2) Fixing Dose Bottle
  • (Lotion 3) Keratine Filler
  • Amazing Sealer
  • Lash Volume Lift Silicone Pads maat S (5 pair)
  • Lash Volume Lift Silicone Pads maat M (5 pair)
  • Lash Volume Lift Silicone Pads maat L (5 pair)
  • Lint Fee Eye Patch (5 pair)
  • Plastic Tape
  • Microbrushes (100 pcs)
  • Comb-LvL Tool
  • Lash Separator/LvL Tool White
  • Sample (Lotion 1) Perming Dose Sachet
  • Sample (Lotion 2) Fixing Dose Sachet

Model info
  • You must provide yourself with a model. Be sure to inform him/her of the consent form and pre- and post-training forms you will receive when you register for the training.
  • The model should be present at the latest at 10:30 am for morning training, and at 2:30 pm for afternoon training. Earlier is of course allowed.
  • As a service, PE Cosmetics can arrange a model for your training. The request for this should be submitted by email to at least 7 business days before the training starts. We cannot guarantee that arranging a model will succeed, we will let you know in time. You will still need to arrange a model yourself.
Training locations


Receive up to €95.00 shopping credit when traveling >50km to our training location in NL, click here for more information.



    Training Training 240 Lash Volume Lift - Training
    Training Training 240 Lash Volume Lift - Training
    Training Training 240 Lash Volume Lift - Training
    Training Training 240 Lash Volume Lift - Training
    Lash Volume Lift - Training
    Training Training 240 Lash Volume Lift - Training
    • Practice and Theory

      You will receive theoretical knowledge about the treatments and accompanying products. During practice you will practice on real models.

    • Small-group training

      Our trainings are in small groups which means that one receives a lot of personal attention and guidance.

    • Accredited & Certified training

      PE Cosmetics is an certified training company and works according to European standards plus GGD regulations.

    • Awards

      In the year 2021 and 2022, we were allowed to receive the honorable distinction as the best Lash & Brow brand worldwide.

    Our trainers

    Our trainers are all employed by PE Cosmetics. Nationally and internationally trained with each his/her specialties. During international competitions they regularly win multiple awards. This resulted in 50 international awards in the year 2018 alone.

    Training locations

    Our training locations in the Netherlands and Belgium are fully equipped with all materials and supplies to follow a training in small groups with a lot of personal attention that prepares you to work in practice as a Lash & Brow, or PMU-artist. You can follow our trainings in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    COST-FREE REQUEST within 6 months for questions or additional support

    • Video impression

    During the Lash Volume Lift training you will learn all about this unique method to elevator, curl and add volume to natural lashes. You will learn the theory, get explanations about the products and practice on a model. The treatment is suitable for any lash type and length and uses silicone pads. Eyelash lifting using silicone pads is not harmful to the eyelashes and provides full nourishment from the root of the hair.

    receive 20% discount

    Training package lash & brow artist

    An extra affordable trainingpackage withall the essential trainingto get you started successfully as an eyelash and eyebrow stylist(e)..




    PE Cosmetics is a certified training company that works according to European standards and GGD regulations. The certificate you receive, after correct and complete completion of theory and practice, is a recognised certificate of participation in training at PE Cosmetics.

    Cancellation Policy


    If the course is cancelled by the course participant, the following cancellation policy applies:

    1. Cancellation shall be made by registered letter by e-mail to
    2. Training can be cancelled free of charge up to 30 days in advance. A course can be rescheduled free of charge up to a maximum of 14 days before the start of the course date. Have you booked your course at a shorter date than the one mentioned above? Then free-of-charge cancellation and/or rescheduling is no longer possible. 
    3. You will be charged 40% of the tuition fee.


    When booking this course, two payment options are available:

    • Pay the full amount upon registration.
    • A deposit of 50,- euro; the remaining amount can be paid in advance of the course via an online payment link or in cash at the start of training on location.

    Training costs reimbursed

    Does your employer release a budget for training? Training can be requested from us on invoice. Send an e-mail to and include the following details:

    • Desired training, location and date.
    • Billing details

    We will then contact you as soon as possible.

    Anbos accreditation points

    For following the training at PE Cosmetics you can earn 6 accreditation points. How do you earn these points?Enter your SKIN registration number, on the registration form under notes, when paying your registration for the training at PE Cosmetics. Do not forget this! 

    NOTE: This is a one-time fee, so if you register again for the training, you cannot earn any more accreditation points.


    Do you want to buy insurance?

    PE Cosmetics has a partnership with Beauty Salon Insurance. Your obtained certificate at PE Cosmetics is sufficient to obtain Business Liability Insurance. 

    Why choose Beauty Salon Insurance? 

    • Your certificate from PE Cosmetics is fully coordinated with the insurer by Beauty Salon Verzekeringen.
    • Your contact person within Beauty Salon Verzekeringen is a specialist in the industry.
    • You will always receive customized advice.
    • Through close cooperation with PE Cosmetics, Beauty Salon Verzekeringen is always aware of new developments. 
    • It is the only insurance company where you can insure PMU (permanent make-up) without a beautician's diploma, unique and only possible with a PE Cosmetics (S)PMU certificate!

    For more information go to