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PE Cosmetics

Color D-Curl

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You can use PE Cosmetics coloured lash extensions for a festive or a more daring look.
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The solid colors of colored eyelash extensions are orange, green, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple and red. There are also the two-tone lash extensions, or ombre, these have a gradient from black to the color at the ends. The two-tone colors are available in blue, brown, green, red and violet. The colored eyelash extensions are available in Mini trays with 6 rows of length 8 - 13 mm, in thickness 0.07 and 0.15 mm and in C and D curl. On each row is listed the length. This is very useful when working with a glass plate or Lash Palette.


Colored eyelash extensions suitable for One by One and Volume look from PE Cosmetics.

- Length: 8 - 13 mm.
- 6 strips
- Thickness: 0.07 and 0.15 mm
- Curl: D

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    PE Cosmetics Eyes Color D-Curl