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Henna - Jar

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Does your client want fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows? Then Brow Henna is ideal, as the color stays in the hair for 6 - 8 weeks and on the skin for 5 - 10 days. PE Cosmetics Brow Henna is high quality and made from natural ingredients, making it safe to use and low risk of allergies.
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There are 6 different colors available:
- Black; Suitable for clients with black eyebrows and/or black hair.
- Dark Brown; Suitable for clients with dark eyebrows and/or dark hair.
- Medium Brown; Suitable for clients with dark-colored eyebrows and/or brown hair.
- Light Brown; Suitable for clients with light eyebrows and/or light hair.
- Blonde; Suitable for clients with blonde eyebrows and/or blonde hair.
- Burgundy (mixed color); Suitable for red-haired clients or to make other colors slightly warmer. It is a very warm color with red undertones.


A Brow Henna - Jar contains 5 grams of Henna powder Due to the wide range of colors and the possibility of mixing them, you can always create the perfect color for your client.

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    PE Cosmetics Henna Henna - Jar
    PE Cosmetics Henna Henna - Jar
    PE Cosmetics Henna Henna - Jar