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Sharpener Tool

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From now on you can easily sharpen your Microblading or Pre Drawing Pencil using the new Sharpener Tool and an eyebrow razor blade. So you can have a sharp point on your Pencil to draw a tight eyebrow shape on your clients. The Sharpener Tool is of high quality, as it is made of metal. So this tool is and remains sturdy, it will not break when you hit it with a knife. The Sharpener Tool should be cleaned with alcohol after use.

Additional description

How to use.
To sharpen your Microblading and Pre Drawing Pencil in the Sharpener Tool, use the eyebrow razor blade. The Sharpener Tool has two different sides, A and B. Side A provides a rounded tip, in which you trim all sides of the Pencil. Side B provides a point with a flat side, in this you only sharpen the top of the Pencil.

Note: the eyebrow razor blades are not included in the purchase of the Sharpener Tool.

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    PE Cosmetics PMU Sharpener Tool