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Ultra Soft Mix (4 lines)

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The Ultra Soft Cashmere eyelash extensions have all the benefits of the Flat Cashmere: light, ultra black and a hollow base. Only the Ultra Soft Cashmere eyelash extensions are matte giving a more natural result.
Additional description

The split point of the Ultra Soft Cashmere lash extensions provides extra volume. These Ultra Soft Cashmere eyelash extensions are designed by the owner Set Moosavi and specially made for PE Cosmetics. In the box you will find 16 rows. On each row is listed the length. This is very useful when working with a glass plate or Lash Palette. PE Cosmetics Ultra Soft Cashmere eyelash extensions are available in C and D curl and in thicknesses 0.15 and 0.20 mm.


Light, ultra-black lash extensions with a split point suitable for PE Cosmetics' One by One technique.

- Length: 9 to 12 mm.
- 4 strips
- Thickness: 0.15 or 0.20
- Curl: C or D

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    PE Cosmetics Eyes Ultra Soft Mix (4 lines)